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We are proud to have the following clients:

  • •    SETA Youth: www.setayouth.org
    •    Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (IoD): www.iodzim.com
    •    Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe: www.vmcz.co.zw
    •    Youth Empowerment & Transformation Trust: www.yett.org
    •    Community Radio Harare: www.corah.org.zw
    •    Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS): www.zacraszim.org
    •    Jesuits Zimbabwe: www.jesuitszimbabwe.co.zw
    •    Empretec Zimbabwe: www.empretec.co.zw

    Other Websites built in previous years

    •    Firstel Cellular: www.firstel.co.zw
    •    City Building & Engineering Constructors: www.cbeczim.com
    •    Marketers Association of Zimbabwe: www.maz.co.zw
    •    Congregatio Yesu Zimbabwe:  www.congregatiojesuzim.org
    •    Hope Tariro Trust: www.hopetarirotrust.org
    •    Jesuit Aids Project: www.jesuitaidszim.org
    •    Arkmate: www.arkmate.co.zw
    •    Food Safety Zimbabwe:  www.foodsafetyzim.com
    •    Alcoholics Anonymous Zimbabwe: www.aazim.org
    •    Bulawayo Youth Broadcasting Initiative (YStar FM): www.ystarfm.org
    •    Kumakomo Community Radio Station: www.kumakomoradio.org
    •    Wezhira Community Radio Station: www.wezhira.org
    •    Patsaka-Nyaminyami Community Radio Initiative: www.patsakanyaminyami.org
    •    Nkabazwe Community Radio Station: www.nkabazwecommunityradio.org
    •    Plumtree Community Radio (Getjenge FM): www.getjengefm.org
    •    Berina Community Radio Station: www.berinafm.com
    •    Nkayi Farming Radio: www.nkayifarmingradio.com
    •    Ntepe Community Radio: www.ntepefm.org
    •    Zimbabwe Housing Projects Trust: www.zhpt.org
    •    Cee-Tee Business Consultants: www.cee-tee.com
    •    Child Advocacy & Solidarity Trust: www.castzim.org

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