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We’re in the digital age and it seems almost everyone is online and connected all the time – surely this means online marketing strategies are the way to go? Unfortunately it’s not that easy, print marketing strategies are by no means redundant, with online marketing strategies providing marketers with an extra platform to get their message across.

As you know, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to marketing, so the best strategy to choose will come from knowing your overall marketing objectives first and working from there.

Defining the overall marketing objectives

  • Target audience: who they are, what they do and how they can be reached
  • Activity that needs to occur: what activity needs to occur in order to reach your target audience? Is it an event, advertising etc.
  • Measurable outcome that needs to be achieved: is the outcome to increase sales of a product, increase membership, lead generation, recruit new employees, increase brand awareness, change perceptions
  • Schedule for activities to occur: what is the timeline for the outcome to be achieved?

Once the above objectives are answered it will be easier to for you decide on print versus online marketing strategies.

What are print marketing strategies?
Print marketing strategies are seen as traditional channels for communicating a brands message to the target audience. It may no longer hold the same weight against its online counterpart but print marketing is still an important ingredient in any marketing strategy. Brochures, flyers, direct mail, advertising in trade publications and business cards are still necessary channels when communicating your brand to new or existing customers. It’s important to remember that online marketing may be new and exciting but print marketing continues to touch us every day as well.

What are online marketing strategies?
Online marketing strategies involve promoting a brand through online channels. Online strategies have grown considerably over the last decade due to the use of the Internet and the platforms it has created. This new age of marketing has changed the way marketers can communicate and drive brand messages to new and existing customers.  Examples of online marketing strategies include websites, blogs, social media, email direct mail, online advertising and smartphones. View the latest online marketing jobs.

There is no right answer to print vs. online marketing and a strategic marketing plan should almost always incorporate both strategies. Traditional marketing professionals need to be open to the new digital age and the opportunities it has created for marketers. Whilst online marketing specialists need to  realise the value print strategies can play in an overall marketing strategy. By getting the balance right you will create a successful marketing strategy for your company.

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