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Content is king. You’ve heard this phrase hundreds, perhaps thousands of times, so you understand that having content is important. However, you may not be 100% sure why it’s important or what kind of content works best, which can make it difficult to implement a well-rounded content strategy. With tons of articles circulating around the Internet daily about the importance of content, the process of setting goals for your strategy can easily become confusing.

The truth of the matter is, website content, when written and implemented properly, is important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as grabbing – and keeping – the attention of your target audience or potential customers. Below are five reasons why continually adding content is good for SEO and five reasons why continually adding content to your website is good for your audience.

5 Reasons Why Continually Adding Content is Good for SEO

Of course one of your main goals is to improve your website’s overall organic traffic, but understanding exactly why adding fresh content is good for your website’s search engine optimization strategy can help you create a more dynamic and well-rounded content strategy.

  1. Your most recent content will get lots of love. Most search engines are looking to provide users with the most recent results and pertinent information related to their searches. When you keep content fresh on your site, it helps improve your rankings.
  2. Search engines are looking to provide users with relevant, high quality content. This is very important – never add content simply to add content. Ensure that any content you add is relevant to your website, the topic at hand, and your target audience. Relevant content can help you outrank your competitors and keep users coming back for more.
  3. You’ll have additional opportunities to rank for more keywords. Adding content to your website provides plenty of openings to rank for more keywords that are related to your business, company or industry. Users are becoming much more detailed and dynamic when it comes to the phrases and search terms they are using to find the information they need, so be sure to continually stay on top of keyword research and use content as an opportunity to utilize them in the most effective way possible.
  4. Linking opportunities can be seen for miles when you’re adding fresh content. Whether you’re working on an internal linking strategy or linking to a partner company or website, continually adding new content can really expand your reach for link opportunities.
  5. Utilize your content across other outlets. These outlets can help your site continue to rank for certain topics, keywords, etc. For example, if you write a blog post or create a web page about a new service or product that your business provides, re-write* and re-purpose the content by publishing it to a press release or newswire website. If an article is relevant enough and viewed frequently, online press releases can rank very well and for a long time (*Warning! Do NOT use duplicate content – it can do more harm than good!).

5 Reasons Why Continually Adding Content is Good for Your Audience

  1. It proves that you are the expert. When your target audience sees that fresh content is always being added, it showcases your business as an industry thought leader and proves that you really are the expert and you have a lot to offer.
  2. Keep ‘em coming back for more. Providing fresh content to your audience makes them want to return to your website often since they know it will be updated frequently. This, in turn, also helps with your rankings and overall website performance, since you’re getting lots of relevant traffic.
  3. It provides your potential customers with the information they seek. Continually adding new content creates a dynamic and interesting website so that visitors spend more time clicking around and absorbing information about your services, products, etc. This also, in turn, helps increase your overall website performance since they are engaging with your site.
  4. You do want more opportunity to turn visitors into leads, right? Adding relevant content on a frequent basis provides more opportunities to turn your website visitors into leads. When you are constantly refining, adding and elaborating on whatever it is you provide, sell or otherwise, it helps target your specific audience to take the next step so you can really increase your bottom line.
  5. Your website will become a source for users to engage and interact with. Continually adding content can simply be in the form of updating your blog a few times a week. This provides a great opportunity for your target audience to engage with your website, leave comments or share your content.

Author By : Danielle DeCarlo, Search Engine Optimization Coordinator{jcomments on}